About Us

Take a natural, holistic approach to wellness with CuraTea's herbal tea blends. We've taken a different approach to treat health issues with our variety of herbal health teas, packed with powerful natural ingredients to help ease symptoms naturally & effectively. More and more people are looking for an alternative to traditional medicines and potentially harmful side effects of drugs. Curatea makes adopting healthier lifestyle habits into your daily routine easy through the power of nature.

Our wellness teas are developed using 100% herbal ingredients, that are researched, developed and manufactured in Canada and approved by Health Canada. Our tea tastes great and is safe for long term use so you can prevent illness and health issues naturally. Explore our range of six formulations that were developed to suit your specific health needs. To reap the benefits of the potent Curatea herbal formulas, just infuse one tea bag in 150 ml of boiling water for 5-10 minutes and use up to 3 times a day.